13 October 2009

I am BACK....

I have not blogged here in a very long time! For a while, I had even forgotten I had a blog! I have devoted so much time to the homeschooling ministry, growing in Christ, and my children's education that blogging became buried. I will be adding more soon.

13 June 2007

Spiritual Enrichment is Part of Education

Our family serves God and trust in our salvation through His Son Jesus Christ. Whatever your beliefs, whichever values your family views as fundamental, your child's education should never conflict nor ask you to compromise the standards by which you live your life.

11 June 2007

I was awed!

Last night we attended a church event that awed me and my husband. The reality of issues facing our youth was undeniable. The message was intended to demonstrate how "sin" affects one's relationship with God, but even if a person was not a Christian and even if a person did not believe in God, the visual of societal corruption and negative influences our teens face was humbling and frightening. Several teens were wearing black shirts with large white lettering; each displaying a negative influence. Some examples: suicide, smoking, drugs, lust, profanity, theft. There were several others. There was a girl walking among these influences and every time she tried to step towards righteousness, she was lured by the negative influence of those in her society. Every time she reached for God, they shielded her. A boy in white walked out among the crowd and was observing the sin. He squatted and rose with his arms out and feet cross as Jesus did hanging on the cross. As the girl clung to him, the negative influences left her. I was awed. Even if a family is not Christian, how could this positive impact Christ has on the life of a teenager be viewed as anything but good.

16 May 2007

Spanish Links Are On The Right Column

I hope the Spanish links are helpful. We love Spanish here! Recently I have conducted a research project on the Hispanic population in our country, state, and locally. I have found that the Hispanic population has increased by 14% per year in this country. This ethnic group has risen in number making them the largest minority group present in the US. The numbers are steadily increasing. Being able to communicate with such a large portion of our community is vital to all citizens. Our children need to master both languages. Communication barriers affect many outcomes with diversities as they are today; this challenge is growing larger for society of tomorrow. As parents and teachers, not preparing our youth for these changes and challenges is irresponsible.

15 May 2007

Science Fair

Science Fair pics are on the science link in the contents column on the right! (home-school-rocks science!)

11 May 2007

More McWane Center Pictures are posted on the Science Page!

Link to additional McWane pics on the Science page!

Bob The Builder at the McWane Science Center!

Daddy and the girls explore the Bob-The-Builder displays at the Mcwane Science Center. They learn they "can" right inside of Bob's mobile home, on his tractor, and in his hill of a house (or..house of a hill!)

More Towers? Bob The Builder Night at the McWane Center was a BLAST!

Daddy and the girls test their ingenuity by constructing towers from nothing but newspaper and tape...GO JOE! Go Bethany! Go Brooke!

Daddy Teaches!

Daddy and his angels test their engineering with an earthquake generator at the Mcwane Science Center! Joe's tower construction lasted about 30 seconds against Bethany's earthquake attack!

01 May 2007

Home Schooled Kids Are Among The Most Socially Inclined

Double-Click to enlarge Brooke's team photo. Brooke, third from the left, played third base and right field. Bethany and Brooke were both registered for the "Zoo-Run". The girls spent hours each day preparing for the race. Together we learned breathing techniques, stretching and warm-up exercises and timed our runs. Brooke has increased her endurance by 400% over 1 month of preparation. The races were called off due to rain and lightning. Poor Brooke was on that start line for 30 minutes ready to run! Her goals are to continue practicing and building skills with hopes of reaching the oplympics one day. WAY-TO-GO Brooke! She is a real team player! Ella es muy athletica! Le gusta practicar deportes!

16 April 2007

Home School Rocks: Science

Check out the link to our science page....click on Home-School-Rocks Science under contents...We have added pics from our field trip to The Birmingham Zoo!

Everything has a purpose.

I am building this blog to assist home schoolers and those who are interested in starting. I home school daily...so the blog may take a few weeks to finish. Check back often to see the changes as they appear.

13 April 2007

B is for Bonita!

Muy Bonita! Mis niƱas son bonitas.